Avatrol Monthly Review – A Natural Hemorroid Fix, Will It Work?

Having hemorrhoids is a severely unpleasant experience. It can disrupt your entire life, and prevent you from doing even simple tasks. In severe cases, you may need to take time off work and cease most physical activity. Getting rid of your hemorrhoid pain and the hemorrhoids themselves is what you must focus on in order to get your health and your life back to normal. If you like the idea of natural supplements for hemorrhoids then you are fortunate to have a few viable options available to you. One option is Avatrol.  

Avatrol combines some of the best natural ingredients for reducing hemorrhoid symptoms, so there is minimal risk of any side effects occurring.

Avatrol Monthly Reviewed

AvatrolAvatrol has been developed to help relieve the symptoms of mild and medium level hemorrhoids. Both internal and external hemorrhoids may benefit from Avatrol, as well as hemorrhoids which bleed. The formula in Avatrol has been put together to not only directly target this particular health issue, but also attend to the wider overall gastrointestinal health and wellbeing of the person.

Another aim of Avatrol is to assist with the circulation of the blood. The creators of this supplement believe that by improving blood circulation, hemorrhoid sufferers will be able to pass stools more easily, and with less pain.

Avatrol Ingredients

Avatrol contains only naturally derived ingredients. These include horse chestnut, oat straw, bilberry and citrus bioflavonoids. Horse chestnut has been chosen because the company believes that it is able to contribute to a reduction in swelling that results when hemorrhoids are present, and thus, should ease some of the pain associated with the condition. Oat straw has been selected due to its fiber content, contributing to an easier passing of stools. Lowering blood pressure may be another benefit of oat straw, and some people believe that this can help to prevent the formation of new hemorrhoids.

Bilberry is a common ingredient in many natural supplements and is believed to assist in the rebuilding of connective tissues throughout the body. Citrus bioflavonoids have also been included in Avatrol. These are a group of botanical extracts that all work together to help give the connective tissues additional strength and to help with general blood circulation.

Avatrol comes in capsule form only and the company recommends using the supplement for at least sixty days in order to realize the full potential benefits.

alternative to Avatrol

Let’s now take a look at the ingredients found in Venapro. You will notice there is only a small similarity, with each product having quite a different ingredient list. The common ingredient between the two supplements is horse chestnut, which is clearly a popular choice in remedies aimed at hemorrhoid relief and prevention. Also in Venapro however is the highly respected ingredient witch hazel which has long been used to reduce swelling and inflammation, and is a popular ingredient in many hemorrhoid treatments.


Avatrol costs $45.95 per bottle, which is a one month supply. As the company recommends using it for a minimum of two months, the cost will total at least $100. Venapro is available in a number of different packages, and whilst the one month supply is priced very similarly to Avatrol, major savings are realized when you purchase larger three month or six month supply packages (the latter which gains you three free months of supply.


Venapro contains a more potent formula than the slightly weaker ingredient set in Avatrol. It appears that Venapro is also the cheaper of the two options, yet provides a more substantial ingredient list, including the highly important witch hazel. Crucially, Venapro is a two step formula whereby you receive both the supplement and the spray for your money. Overall, you may get more for your money with Venapro, as compared to Avatrol, but importantly you also get a strong, yet equally safe natural treatment for hemorrhoids that has been formulated from the ground up to provide relief from all the major hemorrhoids symptoms.


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