Hem Relief 911 Review – Will It Work For You?

A short list of natural ingredients that you can recognize and see the purpose behind is a great way to go when searching for the right hemorrhoid medication. Hem Relief 911 for hemorrhoids certainly delivers some of the most well recognised and effective ingredients from a company with a good reputation – Western Herbal and Nutrition. However, when the ingredients list is too short, you could be purchasing medication that won’t be as effective as you would like. In this Hem-Relief review we will examine the ingredients and consider how it measures up to other natural hemorrhoid relieving products.  

Hem Relief 911 Review

why buy Hem Relief 911Let’s take a look at Hem-Relief 911 for hemorrhoids – the ingredients list states the following:

  • Witch Hazel
  • Horse Chestnut
  • Ginger Root

All three ingredients are certainly useful when it comes to treating and preventing hemorrhoid flare ups. But with such a short list of ingredients, the question is, despite Hem Relief’s good reputation among users, is it the best option available? Hem-Relief reviews may or may not point out that other products often deliver these same ingredients, plus a host of additional ingredients designed to help hemorrhoid sufferers.


As a natural astringent, witch hazel is used in all kinds of cleansers, as well as medications for its ability to soothe swelling and inflammation. Horse chestnut, which is used in most natural hemorrhoid remedies, is known for improving circulation and reducing swelling. Ginger root has anti-microbial properties and contains strong antioxidants.

We can say one thing for this short ingredients list. There are no documented Hem Relief side effects. However, to compare and contrast effectiveness, let’s look at two competing medications, Venapro and HemClear. Both have longer lists of effective, natural ingredients that seem more likely to shrink hemorrhoids faster than Hem-Relief 911.

Alternative 1 : Venapro

Hem Relief alternative supplementVenapro ingredients include horse chestnut and witch hazel, like Hem-Relief, but it also includes arnica, fluoride of lime, butcher’s broom, stone root, St. Mary’s thistle, and krameria mapato. These ingredients are known to help heal soft tissue, relieve pain, swelling, and itching, and to strengthen the vascular system.

More information on Venapro  >>


Alternative 2 – HemClear

Ingredients - Hem ClearNow let’s look at HemClear. Again, it contains horse chestnut and witch hazel, as well as ginger root, but it also contains diosmin, cayenne, butcher’s broom, hesperidin, bilberry, plantain, and red root, among other helpful herbs known for their healing and   anti-inflammatory properties.

More information on HemClear  >>

Choosing the Right Formula

As well as choosing the right formula you also need to take some other steps to help you get rid of hemorrhoids for good. You can review some of the information on this site, or visit the health experts at CNN.com who have a few tips.

Finding the right hemorrhoids pain relief medication can be confusing, but we recommend that you take a look at the ingredients and analyze what they actually do. If a product advertises relief from pain and hemorrhoid itch relief, too, but it only has one anti-inflammatory ingredient, it may not be as effective as you might hope.

To better understand how to treat hemorrhoids, let’s take a look at the symptoms that come along with hemorrhoid flare-ups and why they occur. Some hemorrhoids symptoms include blood in the stool, itching, and rectal pain.

Hemorrhoids and Bleeding

When you find blood on your toilet paper or in your stool due to a hemorrhoid, it’s because the hemorrhoid has been punctured or abraded. This is usually only a symptom of internal hemorrhoids, though it can occur with external hemorrhoids, as well. Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins, which means they’re full of blood. As your hemorrhoids heal, they will stop bleeding.

Why Do Hemorrhoids Itch?

Generally, if you have itching, pain, or discomfort around your anus, this is due to an external hemorrhoid. With external hemorrhoids, the vein swells near the opening of the anus and forms a hard lump under the skin. Due to stretching and some internal bleeding and blood pooling, the skin becomes irritated, which can manifest in itching, painful hemorrhoids.

The point of taking hemorrhoid medication is not just to try to prevent future flare-ups; you also want immediate relief. Hem Relief 911 doesn’t have any strong medication for hemorrhoid itch relief and only a couple of ingredients that can help with pain.

Along with other ways to relieve hemorrhoid pain, such as taking warm baths and avoiding dry toilet paper during flare-ups, a good natural hemorrhoid medication can help you get the relief you want as quickly as possible. A good hemorrhoid medication is especially essential at night when you’re trying to fall asleep.

No one knows why hemorrhoids itch at night, except perhaps because we have nothing to do but concentrate on the itching as we try to get some rest. We do know, though, that good medication can bring relief, which can let you get the rest you need to fully recover and go about your normal life.

Scratching at your anal region while you’re having a hemorrhoid flare-up can result in pain and inflammation. Using a medication that’s been proven to give natural relief for hemorrhoid pain and itching – especially the discomfort from itchy hemorrhoids at night – will have you on your way to feeling better and healing a lot faster than scratching. Do your research and read customer reviews of hemorrhoid medications before you commit to one that may or may not work well for you.

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