Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids – Garlic,Apple Cider Vinegar,Aloe Vera

hemorrhoids apple cider vinegar garlic aloe veraIf you are the kind of person who is willing to try some natural home remedies for hemorrhoids, then you may have heard some talk about things like aloe vera, garlic or apple cider vinegar for hemorrhoids relief. These remedies can also be referred to as ‘herbal remedies’, ‘folk remedies’ or ‘kitchen remedies’.

This article is a guide on how to use some of the best remedies of this kind. We also examine the evidence and claims for them as an effective treatment, or cure for hemorrhoids.

Apple Cider Vineger For Hemorrhoids

apple cider vinegar for hemorhoids

The health benefits claimed for apple cider vinegar are many. But for hemorrhoids sufferers, this is a remedy that often gets people talking and writing about its effectiveness as a natural treatment for hemorrhoids.

Method 1: Topical

The common way to use apple cider vinegar as a home remedy for hemorrhoids is simply to add a few drops to a cotton swab, and then softly apply directly on the external hemorrhoid for a few moments. A burning sensation (moderate to extreme) upon contact with the hemorrhoid is commonly felt. Thereafter, relief is the overriding sensation reported by many. People regularly attest to a reduction in symptoms. Remember not to soak the swab in the vinegar. Only use a few drops.

Method 2: Digestive

As a more general tonic (and perhaps to help prevent hemorrhoids) you can take apple cider vinegar internally. We suggest 1- 2 teaspoons in a glass of water (preferably half an hour before meals) twice a day. For ongoing use (longer than 2 weeks) you can take the same dose once a day. Avoid side effects by sticking to these guidelines. Never drink straight/undiluted!

Buying Tip

Your apple cider vinegar product should come from an organic source, and needs to be labelled ‘raw’ or ‘unfiltered’. It should appear cloudy (not clear) when you peer through the bottle.

Garlic For Hemorrhoids

garlic for hemorrhoidsThe potent natural therapeutic medicinal properties of garlic are oft spoken about and rarely questioned. The good news is, there’s growing evidence for the many health benefits of garlic supplementation. But what about garlic for hemorrhoids? As one of the more widely used home remedies for hemorrhoids garlic is used to help with itch relief, inflammation and pain. Don’t underestimate garlic – it wields anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties to fend off the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Caution: Occasionally garlic has been known to cause an unwanted reaction in the tissues in the anal canal in a few cases, so it’s best to proceed with caution. Do not use the following methods if you have bleeding hemorrhoids or fissures.

Method 1 – Suppository

To use as a suppository take a peeled clove of garlic and insert in into your rectum slightly (about 1-2 inches in, with the aid of a lubricant like aloe gel or coconut oil). Often people leave it for a few hours or overnight, to be expelled at the time of your next bowel movement. If this proves beneficial, you can repeat the process, but best not any more than 3 times a week.

Method 2 – External Use

For external hemorrhoids use garlic on gauze pads, or witch hazel pads. For gauze pads you can soak them in garlic medicated water. To prepare the water chop 2 or 3 cloves, boil in a cup full of water, strain the garlic pieces, and leave the water to cool completely. Soak the gauze pads in the solution and apply to the anus. To use garlic with witch hazel pads, simply sprinkle chopped garlic on the pads and apply to the affected area. Remember to thoroughly wash said area before the application.

Aloe Vera For Hemorrhoids

aloe vera for hemorrhoids

The soothing, anti-inflammatory properties of this plant are well know. So aloe vera for hemorrhoids doesn’t sound strange at all. It’s one of the more popular natural remedies for hemorrhoids relief. There are 3 ways to use aloe vera that may be good for hemorrhoids.

Method 1: Topical Gel

Using fresh aloe from the actual plant, cut one leaf off (an outer leaf, not a central leaf) from close to its base and use the aloe gel to gently massage on an external hemorrhoid and the closely surrounding area. Regular applications should be safe, as there appears to be no harmful side effects. For internal hemorrhoids, people have reported benefits from inserting the aloe gel inside the anus.

Method 2: Frozen Aloe Strips

A slightly more radical method… cut your leaf off (as described above) and make smaller, neater icy cold strips by cutting the leaf (removing the thorns!) and placing them in a sealed container in your fridge. Allow to freeze. When you feel brave enough, insert a strip into your anus in a manner that is most conducive and comfortable for you.

Method 3: Aloe Juice Supplement

Taken orally, a commercially available organic aloe vera whole leaf juice supplement may have some benefits for hemorrhoids sufferers, but is intended as a general tonic and digestive aid.

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana)

There are many witch hazel products on the market, designed to treat a raft of aliments, of which hemorrhoids is one. Witch hazel’s relief giving potential is due to its natural astringent, anti-inflammatory qualities. It is one of the most well known home remedies for external hemorrhoids, used as a herbal itch reliever, and to help shrink swollen tissues. It’s astringent effects on the blood vessels make it useful as a bleeding hemorrhoids home remedy.

Various Methods:

Simply apply (at least 3 times a day) to the affected area, using cotton balls moistened with witch hazel.
Perhaps better still, combine witch hazel with some aloe vera gel, mix them and apply several times a day.
Dropping some witch hazel in a sitz bath is a good way to medicate the water to get extra soothing benefits from a sitz bath.
Commercially available pads (medicated with witch hazel) can help reduce symptoms and are perfect substitutes for harsh dry toilet paper (which you should avoid using) post bowel movements.

Butcher’s Broom (Ruscus Aculeatus)

Butcher’s broom is one of the most important herbs for the treatment of hemorrhoids (internal or external) and varicose veins. It has been in clinical use as a treatment for both conditions for many years. Butcher’s broom for hemorrhoids has been approved and recognised by the German Commission E following trials which demonstrate a reduction in symptoms for a large majority of hemorrhoid patients consuming an extract of butcher’s broom. It helps soothe and reduce inflamed tissues, strengthens veins and enhances circulation.

Method – Oral Supplement

Butcher’s broom extract is sometimes taken in combination with vitamin C (which can enhance the effectiveness of the herb). Butchers Broom is an ingredient found in hemorrhoid supplement formulas. In such formulas, various ingredients work synergistically for optimum effect.

Bilberry (Vaccinium Myrtillus)

Bilberry (cousin to the blueberry) has traditionally been used to help treat a host of ailments, but bilberry has also proven its benefits for hemorrhoids sufferers in 3 separate clinical studies, each one demonstrating its usefulness. On top of that, bilberry is a good source of bioflavonoids (bioflavonoids have also proven helpful for hemorrhoids). So this is a berry you can’t easily dismiss. You could consider it something worth trying, as one part of a treatment plan, in addition to other dietary and hemorrhoid prevention protocols.

Method – Oral Supplement

It may be difficult to find the fruit itself, but you can find “bilberry extract” in supplement form. Some contain only bilberry, others contain bilberry extract as part of a formula specifically designed to treat hemorrhoids.

natural hemorrhoid supplement remedy

Are Hemorrhoids Home Remedies A Cure?

In an ideal world, you would know a perfect remedy by the fact that it has a few glowing reports via scientifically conducted studies, as well as boasting plenty of positive anecdotal feedback from actual users. But this isn’t always the case. The bottom line is, if a remedy is safe to use, and is often touted to be a good thing, then why not give it a try. It may work well. Or it may not be the cure you would like. But as one part of a hemorrhoid treatment plan, the best home remedies certainly have a role to play.

There is often an abundance of anecdotal evidence that can tell you what remedies can help you get through a crisis. This can be an indicator of what’s best to try. You also need to know how to safely use home remedies for hemorrhoids pain relief.

Some herbs, like horse chestnut and butchers broom are marketed specifically for hemorrhoids because they do have some weight of proof behind them for their efficacy in dealing with hemorrhoids. These are often the same herbs and extracts you find combined and packaged in hemorrhoid supplement formulas.

Other home remedies like aloe vera, garlic or apple cider vinegar are more easily recognisable in general, for their various health giving properties. Indeed, aloe, garlic or apple cider vinegar may also be able to help hemorrhoids sufferers in some way. Try it out. As long as it can’t harm, there is a chance it could help.

Verdict on Home Remedies

Simple and safe home remedies are an important part of tackling the problem for a great many people. Some of the above home remedies specialize in temporary topical relief. Others (like butchers broom and bilberry) have the potential to heal from within. If you believe in a more natural, holistic approach that seeks to address the root cause of the ailment, then some of the above home remedies can certainly have a role to play.

Bear in mind, different things may work differently for different people. This is to be expected. There are different types of hemorrhoids, different symptoms, and causal factors. Naturally people may respond differently to a particular remedy, based on what their true needs are.

The best home remedies for hemorrhoids can do an important job of helping you through a crisis. These remedies can each be used in their different ways, for slightly different purposes, to address the kind of hemorrhoid problem you have. Some of the home remedies mentioned here, can certainly help reduce symptoms.

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