How to Stop Hemorrhoids Pain and Bleeding – Self Help Tips

Banishing hemorrhoids completely from your life can be difficult if you don’t take important actions yourself. This article covers vital self care tips that will help you take the initiative if you are in the midst of a nasty flame up – how to stop hemorrhoids pain and bleeding at home.  Dealing with the symptoms of a current outbreak is top priority, due to the excruciating pain associated with it.   

stop hemorrhoidsHemorrhoid Bleeding

Please note, If you are experiencing rectal bleeding it is important to consult a physician to get a confirmed diagnosis for hemorrhoids, in order to rule out the possibility of anything more serious. Bleeding can also be caused by anal fissures, so it is important to know why the seepage of blood is happening.

Hemorrhoid or Fissure?

Keep in mind that the causes and reasons for hemorrhoids, whilst still not fully understood by researchers, are often attributed to factors such as genetics, a diet low in fiber or a generally poor diet, pregnancy, obesity and straining during bowel movements. Aging is another important factor, and it is known that as people age they are more prone to hemorrhoids.

How To Stop Hemorrhoids Pain

Whether you are in need of immediate relief from severe hemorrhoid pain or want to take measures to prevent a worsening of your condition, the following self care tips cover actions to bring fast relief.

Implement as many of the following actions as you possibly can into your life, starting right away:

1. Apply Ice Pack to Relieve Hemorrhoids Pain

When you are in the worst kind of situation with severe hemorrhoid pain and swelling, then using a cold ice pack on the area can help reduce the swelling and bring some relief, at least temporarily. Whilst this only treats the symptom of swelling rather than the cause, when you need to soothe hemorrhoid pain fast, then ice applications are easy to do and bring some quick short term relief.

2. Warm Bath Soakings

Taking a 10 minute warm bath between one and three times per day (depending upon the severity of your hemorrhoid pain) allows you to benefit from the positive effects of warm water. This also assists with hygiene, which is of vital importance as well. Many experts recommend not using soap however, as it may cause irritation to the area. Sitz baths are another excellent option for hemorrhoid relief and are a convenient alternative to a regular bath.

how to stop the pain of hemorrhoids3. Avoid dry toilet paper

The habit of using dry toilet paper should be discontinued at the earliest possible stage. Whatever degree of irritation the use of dry toilet paper causes, it is a good idea to just stop. You can purchase moist toilet paper for use when hemorrhoids start to become evident. You will immediately notice the difference compared to the feeling of regular toilet paper.

4. The Bidet

The habit of cleansing the anal area with water after every instance of defecation is common to many countries across the world, whether it is the standard bidet sink that is used, or the bidet shower (bum spray nozzle). This practice helps take care of any hygiene issues and could be beneficial to hemorrhoids sufferers.

5. Increased Fluid Intake

Remember to drink plenty of water, or at least a healthy non-sweetened beverage at regular intervals throughout the day. Generally six to eight glasses is recommended.

6. Pain Relievers

If you have to, pain relief medication can provide immediate and short term assistance if you are in a considerable amount of pain. Over the counter oral pain relievers are generally adequate for most hemorrhoid sufferers.

7. Increase Fiber In The Diet

It goes without saying that you may not be getting enough fiber in your diet if you are suffering from hemorrhoids. Fiber is vitally important for your digestion system and should be a part of a smart hemorrhoid diet plan, as well as contributing to a positive improvement in your health. So try to add some fiber rich foods to your diet, or consider taking a fiber supplement. Speak with your medical professional before deciding whether that is the right option for your particular circumstance.

8. Avoiding Sitting or Standing For Long Periods

Standing or sitting for long lengths of time can certainly contribute to the pain of hemorrhoids. If you are required to sit for long periods, at a computer at work for example, using a soft pillow on your chair can make a difference to your comfort levels. Additionally, lifting heavy objects whilst you have hemorrhoids can cause additional pain and may result in a worsening of the condition.


Further Treatment Options to Stop Hemorrhoids

Starting right away, the above steps can help you stop hemorrhoid pain now. A good strategy is to take responsibility and control of the situation as much as possible for yourself, and have some knowledge on what to do for hemorrhoids to take care of the condition.

Stop Making Hemorrhoids Worse

You need to be sure that you are not aggravating your hemorrhoids by doing anything else in your life that may be perpetuating the problem. Preventing hemorrhoids by avoiding bad habits (that only make hemorrhoids worse) is a vital part of stopping hemorrhoids and significantly reducing symptoms.

Natural Remedies

In the majority of cases a natural supplement designed for hemorrhoids will help reduce symptoms quite effectively, and give sufferers a better platform for recovery. Also, it is good find out about some of best home remedies for hemorrhoids and what they can offer.

Doctors and Surgery

Visiting a doctor can be a nerve wracking experience. If you have any major concerns or have never experienced hemorrhoids before, having a thorough medical examination will give you the peace of mind that there are no other major health issues, and that what you do indeed have are hemorrhoids. A doctor may choose to prescribe medications as a treatment, or even recommend surgical options if the hemorrhoids are particularly severe. It is then up to you to determine which treatment path you wish to take.

The right path for how to stop hemorrhoids may not be the same for each person, but if you use these important basic self care tips and get the correct diagnosis and some advice from your doctor, you will be on the right track.


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